June Competition

We like to let you all know when local competitions are happening. Here’s a Gi/No-Gi competition coming up in a couple of weeks. We have some extra gis if anyone wants to train in the gi before the competition, and of course you’re always welcome to borrow it for the competition itself. One or two members are already planning on competing, and several more are likely at least to come out and watch. Let us know if you’re interested in doing either!

Jax Summer Challenge

Takedowns Are Back and Competition Class Is On! (Striking Class Is in the Works)

Hey Everyone!

So now that everyone has seen the importance of takedowns and there is some desire to perfect them, we are bringing back the takedowns class. In addition, we will be holding a specific class to work on competition preparation and overall conditioning for your grappling. These classes are meant to be very intense, but also really fun.


Takedowns will consist of 1 or 2 rounds of drilling a takedown, followed by as many rounds as time will allow of pure wrestling. Safety will be of utmost importance, so don’t let the intensity of wrestling scare you.

Competition Class will consist of just minor instruction in between longer rounds of full, competition style sparring. The purpose is to mimic as closely as possible a competition scenario, so we will be keeping track of points during the rounds for you and coaching you throughout.


Takedowns will be held on Thursday from 6:30pm-7pm (yes, only 30 minutes; you’ll know why after you wrestle for just a single 2 minute round). Competition class will follow from 7pm-7:45pm. Do your best to make it on time for either class, as we will be trying to get as many rounds as possible for each class. These classes aren’t meant to be entirely distinct classes, so if anyone wants to work more takedowns during the competition class, you’re more than welcome.


I’m working on scheduling in a striking class. As we are adding the competition class on Thursdays, I’m thinking of making the Friday open mat a striking class. Striking will include boxing, Muay Thai, and various MMA skills. In preparation of this, I suggest you purchase at least 12oz boxing gloves, and, only if you desire, smaller MMA style gloves. Prioritize the boxing gloves, though, as they will be used far more than MMA gloves.

Here are a few highlights to get you hyped and ready for this week! SEE YOU THIS THURSDAY!!!


January Specials

New Members Special:

This month we’d like to make an effort to welcome in more experienced members of the BJJ community. So, we are offering free attendance throughout the month of January to anyone who has received a blue belt or higher! If you have a certificate stating your belt, or the belt itself, just swing by, show it to us, and start rolling. In addition, if you sign up during the month of January you will receive $15 off your next month’s tuition!

Current Members Special:

January is going to be referral month. If at any point in the month of January you bring in a friend, family member, whomever, and they sign up for a month of No-Gi Jiu Jitsu, both of you will receive $15 off of your payment for that month!